Once upon a time in a land called Agroha, there was a king, King Agrasen. He loved his subjects and his subjects loved him back. He did various good works for the welfare of the citizens of his capital. He constructed inns and wells for his subjects. So he constructed a step-well, a baoli. The baoli acted not just as a source of water, but its inner sanctum provided relief during the hot sunny days. So in turn it became a place where the members of the community could meet and involve in a tête-à-tête.

15726601_998659310267745_1925654849831216663_n It was a time when gods and goddesses and other supernatural beings roamed around the far and stretches of the earth freely. In fact, it is believed that king Agrasen himself was a contemporary of lord Krishna. So these supernatural beings too used to visit the baoli constructed by Agrasen.


But time went by and slowly and steadily the waves of time corroded the kingdom of Agrasen. The baoli also became dilapidated. But it still remained the haunt of supernatural beings ,not the good ones though. As the good ones stopped appearing in their physical form with the conclusion of term of lord Krishna on earth. So the baoli became the haunt of evil spirits and the venom of their evil intentions turned the colour of the water of baoli into black.15698032_998654060268270_3477842993611435887_n

Later in 14th century, someone tried to restore the previous magnificence of the baoli . He successfully restored the magnificence but could not restore its positive spirit. It is said that the black water of the baoli used to entice the visitors to sacrifice their lives. As the folklore goes, many have actually  jumped into the water and to their death due to the hypnotising effects of water. As the death counts went up, the strength of the negative energy also escalated.


Now, Agrasen’s baoli is an ASI protected site. The infamous water of the baoli has dried up. And the last death that was reported here was back in 2007, but the building still has the eerie feel to it. It is also being said that whoever stays inside the baoli after sunset gets cursed by the evil spirits present there. Infact many archways of the baoli are permanently locked down as many supernatural sightings have happened in those areas.


Agrasen’s baoli’s current location amidst many residential buildings is in contrast with it’s solitary appearance. While climbing down the stairs of this magnificent step-well you can feel a sense of fear rushing down the spine. But whether the sightings of ghosts and curse-story is true or not is dubious. May be you can someday just visit and witness it on your own, because nothing is better than a first hand experience.


HOW TO REACH: Hailey Road, Near Diwanchand Imaging Centre, K G Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110001