It’s new year’s eve today and while the whole world is planning their new year resolutions, lens langoor has decided upon  a resolution for Indian lawmakers. We want them to say ,”In this year, we would not take any bizarre and vague decisions and would act at all times as mature individuals of a mature society“.. And since we talked about bizarre and vague , lets have a look on the 3 decisions amongst many which perfectly fit and sit in this category.



A decision taken in good faith but everyone would have appreciated it a bit more (and we are not talking about the opposition here) if the government would have researched and done its home-work before implementing the move. Only if they would have thought about the recalibration and functionality of ATMs and micro ATMs,circulation of smaller denomination notes et al, mismanagement could have been averted, suffering could have been averted, deaths could have been averted.


courtesy- newsX

Till now did you have any idea that whether you love your country or not? whether you have a patriotic bone in your body or not? Dont worry even the answer is in negative because the acid test for patriotism is here. Now the cinema halls would act as the testing ground for your love for the nation.

It’s pretty ironical that when a minister disrupts the parliament and stalls the important work of running the nation, he does not get tagged as an anti-national. When an Om Puri insults a martyr and his contribution, no one dubs him as an anti-national. But if someone mistakenly commits the cardinal crime of not standing while national  anthem being played in a theatre, you would surely be branded as an anti- national. Not just that, you could very well be thrashed and thrown out of the hall by the so called lovers of our nation. So mind you, resorting to violence is alright but not standing, citing the essence of  Jana Gana Mana is not.



The fact that Kamasutra is a product of an Indian mind proves that 2000 years back from now we were living in a much more mature society that we are living in now. It’s funny that the land which boasts of the heritage of the temples of Konark and Khajuraho now fails to recognise sexuality and the play of hormones.

Not even a single voice is raised when a gangster gets elected to parliament but god forbid , if two adults belonging to same sex fall in love and get physical, the entire country goes crazy.

For India just like lungs cause breathing, being aware of one’s sexuality  can lead to sodomy and sodomy is against our ‘traditions and values’.

We hope this new year India gives recognition to terms like sexuality, hormones and consent. We hope India revises its definition of natural.

P.S. : The langoors of lens langoor wish you all a very happy new year and a better year ahead. And to tell you about our new year resolution, we resolve that we continue to tell you stories, stories of people and places and life…